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All drivers back on track in Adria for Round 2 of WSK Open Cup
All drivers back on track in Adria for Round 2 of WSK Open Cup Gallery Adria
Friday, November 27, 2020

Allegate 63 WSK Adria heats r2 271120 ENG - 158 Kb

The provisional classifications of the heats valid for Round 2 see Pex on top in KZ2, Barnard in OK, Ugochukwu and Lindblad equal in OKJ, Gladysz and Skulanov in MINI.

Adria (ITA), 27.11.2020
All the drivers of WSK Open Cup made it onto the track in Adria for day one of Round 2 of the series that will close the WSK 2020 season. Four categories are on track, namely KZ2, OK, OK-Junior and MINI for this event that started on Wednesday with qualifying practice and continued on Thursday with heats of Round 1 and on Friday with heats of Round 2.

The final stages will begin on Saturday after the closing heats of Round 2 with the Prefinals of Round 1 and Round 2, while the double Finals on Sunday, November 29th will enjoy live streaming coverage from

The provisional leaders of Round 1.
The heats valid for Round 1 took place on Thursday and the Dutch Stan Pex (KR Motorsport/KR-TM Racing-Vega) topped the charts in KZ2, the Russian Andrey Zhivnov (Team Komarov/Tony Kart-TM Racing-Bridgestone) in OK, the Brit Arvid Lindblad (KR Motorsport/KR-Iame-Vega) in OK-Junior and the Dutch René Lammers (Baby Race/Parolin-Iame-Vega) in MINI.

The heat-winners of Round 2 of the WSK Open Cup.
The drivers that posted the pole position time on Wednesday, namely the Dutch Stan Pex (KR Motorsport/KR-TM Racing-Vega) in KZ2, the Brit Taylor Barnard (Rosberg Racing Academy/KR-Iame-Bridgestone) again in OK, the Dane Tobias Clausen (Ricky Flinn/Kosmic-Vortex-Vega) in OKJ and the Pole Maciej Gladysz (Parolin Racing Kart/Parolin-TM Racing-Vega) in MINI were the favourite for Round 2.

KZ2. The Dutch driver Stan Pex (KR Motorsport/KR-TM Racing) put in an excellent performance in KZ2 winning the first heat, as did the Swede Viktor Gustafsson (Leclerc by Lennox/BirelART-TM Racing), who won the second. Pex got the lead back in the third and crossed the finish line ahead of a great Leonardo Marseglia (BirelART-TM Racing), while Gustafsson was third. Among the front runners, Pex’s teammate Danilo Albanese (KR Motorsport/KR-Iame) also showed a good pace.
KZ2 provisional classification after heats: 1. Pex; 2. Gustafsson; 3. Albanese; 4. Marseglia; 5. Valtanen; 6. Leuillet; 7. Van Walstijn; 8. Vycheslav.

OK. The British driver Taylor Barnard (Rosberg Racing Academy/KR-Iame) dominated the three heats of OK. The Bulgarian Nikola Tsolov (DKP Racing/KR-Iame), the Swede Norton Andreasson (Ward Racing/Tony Kart-Vortex), Tuukka Taponen (Tony Kart Racing Team/Tony Kart-Vortex), the French Marcus Amand (VDK Racing/KR-Iame) and the Italians Lorenzo Travisanutto (Parolin Racing Kart/Parolin-TM Racing) and the rookie Alfio Andrea Spina (Tony Kart Racing Team/Tony Kart-Vortex) also displayed a great shape.
OK provisional classification after heats: 1. Barnard; 2. Tsolov; 3. Andreasson; 4. Taponen; 5. Travisanutto; 6. Amand; 7. Pirttilahti; 8. Zhivnov.

OKJ. Tymoteusz Kucharczyk (BirelART Racing/RK-TM Racing) and the Brit Arvid Lindblad (KR Motorsport/KR.Iame) claimed two wins each, but the provisional classification is led by Lindblad and by the American Ugo Ugochukwu (Sauber Karting/KR-Iame), who claimed one win and the best overall placings.
OKJ provisional classification after heats: 1. Ugochukwu; 1. Lindblad; 3. Pasiewicz; 4. Scognamiglio; 4. Kucharczyk; 4. Slater; 4. Keeble; 8. Marenghi.

MINI. The Russian Gerasim Skulanov (Formula K Serafini/IPK-TM Racing) won two heats of MINI, as he recovered from the incident he had on Thursday. One win was taken by the Dutch René Lammers (Baby Race/Parolin-Iame), the Peruvian Andreas Cardenas (Energy Corse/Energy-TM Racing), the Pole Maciej Gladysz (Parolin Racing Kart/Parolin-TM Racing), the Slovenian Aleksandar Bogunovic (Gamoto/Tony Kart-TM Racing), the Asian Tiziano Monza (Sauber Karting/KR-Iame) and Salim Hanna Hernandez (Energy Corse/Energy-TM Racing). Gladysz and Skulanov share the provisional lead.
MINI provisional classification after heats: 1. Gladysz; 1. Skulanov; 3. Lammers; 4. Hanna; 5. Nakamura; 6. Costoya; 6. Kastelic; 8. Apicella.

The program will continue on Saturday, November 28th with the closing heats of Round 2 that will be followed by the Prefinals of Round 1 and Round 2. The much awaited Finals will name the winners of the WSK Open Cup 2020 on Sunday, November 29th.

The program of the racing weekend in Adria:
Saturday: Warm-up, Heats Rd.2; Prefinals Rd.1, Prefinals Rd.2.
Sunday: Warm-up, Finals Rd.1 and Prize Ceremony, Finals Rd.2 and Prize Ceremony.

The live streaming feed will be available at


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